Here comes the rain…

When I was at University in Aberystwyth a story used to go round in September about the arrival of Freshers and a few being spotted nipping into a doorway during one of the frequent rain showers.

Fresher: “We’ll just wait here till it stops.”

Incredulous non-fresher: “You’re going to stay there till June?!?”

I’ve moved from one rainy place to another because I like the rain. Indeed, although many people seem to find it a nuisance, Manchester blossomed during the industrial revolution precisely because the high levels of rain made an excellent environment for the cotton mills.

They say that there is no such thing as bad weather, only poor choice in clothing. What can Innovation do to help protect against a rainy day?

The Innovation Group has already added a stand of umbrella bags for those coming in from the rain, and our library umbrellas were so popular they were gone almost as soon as they were put out.

Innovations against the weather in the wider world include Nubrella (the bubble you can bicycle in), Senz (an angled umbrella designed to avoid high winds turning it inside out) and there are numerous other additions to umbrellas such as GPS, anti-theft devices and lights.

There is also Dark Sky , an app that tells you if it is going to rain in the next ten minutes  and so can let you know if it’s safe to make a dash to the Library.

And in case it isn’t, maybe our next Innovation should be to offer towels.