This is the end…

Innovation Group1

One of the many line-ups of the ever-changing Innovation Group. Photograph by Jocelyn Wright.

During the five year period the group has existed, the Library has undergone a culture change programme to encourage a more empowered and innovative culture…as a result the Innovation Group will now be closed but all staff are encouraged to continue to bring (up) their new ideas and thinking…                                                                                 

 Lorraine Beard

After five years the Library Innovation group is being discontinued and as a result we’ll be no longer posting in this blog (although we were sadly often far too busy to write for it anyway!)

It’s been fun being part of both the Innovation Group and writing for the blog. We’ve been busy telling you about what we’ve been doing (with Eureka and photospheres and sleeping in the library) and what we think about Innovations that other people have thought up (like staffless libraries and  Google Cardboard and drones for loan.)

We’ve visited Innovative museums  in Norway and Dublin and closer to home and our posts been viewed by people all over the world.

World info

Image taken from WordPress Stats page

We’ve been to playful events  and been seasonally silly and talked about people and things which inspire us.

And, perhaps most importantly, we’ve discovered there are bacon flavoured Easter Eggs out there. 🙂

Thanks for reading. Keep Innovating.