Drone for loan

Many Libraries nowadays are lending non-traditional items that are useful to their students and customers. With Amazon’s drone delivery service in the works there has been a rise in suggestions that libraries use drones to deliver books. The University of South Florida is combining these ideas by offering drones for loan.

Sensibly, as there have been several security, privacy and health and safety concerns about drones in America in the last month, students will not be able to just check out the items as easily as a book. The students will have to undergo training, explain what they want to use it for and, for now, restrict their use of the drone to campus.

I’ve been hearing about drones and their non-military uses with increasing frequency in the last few years, starting with being shown how they could be used to rapidly re-map an area after a natural disaster at a conference in 2012, to their being part of interactive gaming at Playing for Change earlier this year. It seems likely that drones are going to be an increasing part of our landscape. Like Google Glass it seems that the innocuous uses of most drone users may be outweighed by paranoia about the potentially criminal uses of a few individuals.


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