Taster: The BBC’s home of new ideas

BBC Taster

I really like the new BBC Taster service which was launched earlier this year as a place to test innovative new BBC content.

There are over a dozen projects to play with on the site and anyone can try them out. Each has a shelf life, warning how long they’re going to remain on the site.

The projects range from Weather Bot (ask us about the weather, we’re British after all), Responsive Radio (curate your own radio show) to Cat Watch (seeing the world through cats eyes).

BBC Taster

The service encourages users to rate content, and to share it with a wider circle – showing that the BBC takes the audience opinions seriously.

Could we do something like this in the Library? How would it help us? 

  • Encourage our audience to have conversations about our projects on our own website rather than one social media
  • Involve our audience at the start of projects rather than at the pilot or launch stage
  • Gather views and feedback quickly
  • Create a sense of openness about our innovative ideas

Try BBC Taster for yourself