Sense of re-purpose

This morning  Facebook was trying to tell me how to make an Ottoman out of plastic bottles. The craft pages I like are constantly trying to tell me what I can do with old bottles, glass or plastic, and how to turn things that I don’t need any more into bright and shiny new things. I can barely turn round without being told how to make an old lotion bottle into a phone charger cradle or  waterproof umbrella holders out of old water bottles.

This makes sense- we use far more things than ever and have a greater awareness of the need to dispose of items responsibly- whether we reuse, re-purpose or recycle them. In addition, re-purposing items can also be a great way to innovate.


About 30 miles south of Edinburgh is the village of Oxton, where they have re-purposed their old red telephone box into a defibrillator station. This is a brilliant way to make sure a highly visible public space is still benefiting the community even after everyone has landlines and mobile phones.

So next time you think you need to get rid of something that perhaps isn’t needed any more have a think first about whether you can use it to support something new. I think I’ve found a good target for re-purposing – I wonder what we could do with this?






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