Exciting Award for Digilab


Lorraine and Ros with a LIBER mug

Congratulations to Lorraine Beard and Ros Bell who won an award at the the LIBER 2016 conference for the abstract “Digilab: experiment, play, learn”, which won one of three Library Innovation awards.

LIBER includes more than 400 national, university and other libraries from over 40 countries and is the main network for research libraries in Europe. This year the conference was in Helsinki, where Lorraine accepted the award on behalf of Digilab

Digilab, which is just beginning its third year, is an opportunity to allow the students (and staff) of the University of Manchester to explore new technologies through a number of events and workshops.

Digilab stats

An informative slide from the abstract.

Ros is the project manager for Digilab and Lorraine is the project sponsor. I asked them why they thought Digilab stood out from the crowd.

“Libraries don’t tend to be doing this sort of thing. The Universities are, but it’s far rarer for a Library to be taking the lead.”

“Also one of the conference themes this year was The Library as laboratory, so Digilab fitted right in.”

And what is next for Digilab?

“Do it again, more!”

“We’ll be looking at moving Digilab away from the early experimental project stage and we have a steering group looking at how to keep the momentum going.” 


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