What free online tool can build a shared ideas wall?

– That could easily be one of the questions asked on tricider.


Last week we discovered the tricider online tool which worked perfectly as our online ideas wall.

We’ve had a physical wall for over a year now with some success but with staff based across a number of sites it wasn’t working as well as we had hoped. Our ideas wall founder, Ros, has always wanted an online version but we thought the admin time for running something like that was prohibitive.

So easy to set up and use

Lightbulb_triciderOnce we found it and decided it was what we wanted then it was so quick to set up. I embedded it into our staff intranet and it was good to go. It’s been up a week now and ideas are coming in thick and fast.

Free and no registration needed

It’s currently free and requires no registration so it’s really easy for all our staff to post to it and to vote on other people’s ideas.

Other tools

Makes me wonder what I’ve been missing – what else is out there that’s free and could be useful. Might be worth having a look yourself too.

Some links to help with your search:



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