First DigiLab event of 2015

Last week we held the first DigiLab event of 2015. It was well attended with an estimated 250 people coming in to try out our collection.

We hadIMAG0900 the ever-popular Oculus Rifts, this time accompanied by brilliant new computers, which helped with graphics lag and processing capabilities. We had a company called Sonocent who came and demoed their Audio Notetaker software. They were giving away free three month trials of the software too, which went down well.  There were demos of the LiveScribe bluetooth pen that can record your handwriting on a notepad and convert it into typed text in an app, and useful apps for keeping organised. We had Google Cardboards to keep people occupied while they waited to demo other kit (and we gave away 60 Cardboard headsets free!). We also had a group of PhD students with EEG feedback headsets who caused quite a stir.  Wearing the headset, users followed a video game that told them what to do, users then focus on making the instruction happen and try to perform the task with the power of their mind. It was amazing and terrifying all at the same time.

It felt a lot more relaxed and better prepared than the first ever event that we held in 2014. This time we had a queueing app that enabled users to be notified of their position in the queue, regardless of where they were. WeIMAG0903 improved our feedback too, and this has resulted in a lot more useful feedback that we are going to be able to use. We also asked people to scan their student cards on entry, which provided us with even more data.

We’re all looking forward to the next DigiLab on 18 November, which will be focused on electronics and making.


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