Innovation (re) Group for the year ahead

This post is being posted on behalf of Lorraine Beard, the leader of our Innovation Group.

As the start of year is now upon us, it is a good time to reflect on Innovation Group activities over the last year and what exciting things are in the pipeline

We have a very successful year with the ideas wall, with ten staff ideas being put forward to the Leadership team for consideration, a number of which have now been implemented. Book a Space went live and we will be going live with BookedIn mobile app on 12 October. A number of Eureka ideas were brought to life including aspects of Click and Collect, last year’s winning idea as well as some quick wins ideas such as Umbrella bags and loan of international plug adaptors. We also had a successful bid for funding to trial a sleep pod and noise management system, both inspired by Eureka. We also had a thought provoking away day, being brought up to speed with latest technology developments and doing some creative storyboarding to improve wayfinding. Watch this space!

In terms of next year we have a visit to 3M’s World Innovation Centre on the 6 October where we hope to return with some new approaches to innovation, we will be launching the mobile self check out app in October and we will be trying out with our teams some tools and techniques to encourage creative thinking right across the Library.

I would like to add thanks for my colleagues in the Innovation Group for their creativity and positivity and their willingness ‘to give it a go’ – this attitude is the essence of innovation and is key to the culture change we are striving for in the Library

Lorraine Beard

photo 3


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