Innovation Group Away Day


What’s the question, June?


One of the questions the blindfolded team members had to guess, with only the aid of some randomly selected items to touch.

Last month members of the Innovation Group attended an away day at Media City working with experienced and interesting facilitators Abhay Adhikari and Alastair Somerville.

In the morning we delved into topics such as open data, wearable technology, the Internet of Things (see Wikipedia for an explanation), and case studies on innovation and accessibility in GLAM (galleries libraries archives museums).

This was followed by a practical look at making sense of library experiences. We separated into groups of three with one person blindfolded, whilst the other two had to communicate a common question that a library user might ask, to the blindfolded team member, by only using touch.


An idea storyboarded. Artistic skills were variable.

The afternoon was dedicated to rapid prototyping; the idea of quickly working up a solution to a problem. Members of DTS joined us, and we split into groups to tackle a constant issue for the Main Library – way finding. Each team storyboarded their solutions to the problem and we came up with some interesting and fun ideas, ranging from abandoning the DDS completely, to a slightly more attainable personalised map system.

Even though we may not actually use any of the ideas that we came up with at the away day, learning about the process was really useful, and a completely new way of developing ideas that we hadn’t come across before.

We’re looking forward to sharing this process with others in the Library in the hopes that it will offer a new perspective in problem solving and ideas generation.

Huge thanks to Abhay and Alistair, as well as The University of Salford for hosting us.


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