DigiLab Staff Event

Earlier this week DigiLab ran an event for staff. The DigiLab student events have been highly popular, allowing University of Manchester students to access new and exciting technology and to showcase how this technology could be used to enable new types of research and facilitate learning. This time it was an opportunity for our IT and Library staff to have a look at the sort of technology that DigiLab demonstrates.Digilabstaff3

Google cardboard was extremely popular, with people especially enjoying jumping at the horror clips they could explore. Nearby, however, calmness reigned as staff tried out the Muse headbands that had been used as part of our Exam Extra program. Muse is an exercise in mindfulness that involves the headband reading brain signals as the user tries to concentrate on their breathing while listening to waves that react to their thoughts.


Also on display was the Oculus Rift, the Leap Motion and a 3D printer in action making (amongst other things) plastic chain mail and a cute orange octopus. It was good to get a look at the technology and it wasn’t long before cross-technology experiments were under way to see how calm a person was using the Muse while listening to the soundtrack to a Google cardboard horror clip.


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