An exciting addition is coming soon to the Learning Commons in the shape of a Sleep Pod (one of the ideas from Eureka 2014).

This is great news indeed but has got me thinking of other ways the Library can potentially assist students with relaxation aids.

I had the idea of a meditation suite, equipped with a number of small booths (bookable or open access) with a comfy chair (or cushion, if preferred).

Headphones could be provided with options for various guided meditations of differing lengths.

Research has shown that even a three minute breathing exercise can be helpful in lowering stress levels and calming the nervous system, so if a student is pushed for time they could just pop in for this – or ten minutes or fifteen minutes.

There could be meditations with instructions on breathing and mindfulness exercises or just relaxing music or nature sounds (rain fall or bird song) depending on individual tastes.

The lighting in the room would be low and calming with perhaps some artwork designed to calm and centre the person entering.

During the well-being activities the Library hosted during exam time in January 2014, many of the students commented that they enjoyed these activities because it didn’t mean giving up their study space as they could literally nip upstairs for massage or meditation and return in less than half an hour, refreshed and focused to get on with their work,

The meditation suite would require minimum staffing and offer an easy but effective way for time out during both exam time and any other time.



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