What’s your favourite (Innovative) Easter Egg?

Easter Eggs

No, I’m not referring to the intriguing but disturbing Bacon flavoured Egg, but rather the hidden treats in computer games, films and other media.

Apparently originating in eggs left in view on the set of the Rocky Horror Picture Show after a cast Easter egg hunt, Easter eggs are little hidden bonuses for the viewer. But where do the limits lie on what constitutes an Easter egg? Do the extra features or comments in credit rolls count, as when for example it tells you that if you’d left the cinema when the credits started you’d be home already? Do computer game oddities and glitches count even if they weren’t intended? Can the skewed skull in Holbein’s The Ambassadors be considered one despite pre-dating electronic media?

Should the Library have Easter eggs? Would we benefit from little hidden features that surprise our customers? It is possible we already do to a degree; features such as the “secret” café[1] and Orange 5/Blue 4 in the Main Library are obviously not located by everybody. But with the rise of Augmented Reality the possibility of having secret features in the library that you can only see through your phone becomes a real possibility.

What Easter Eggs do you fondly remember, and how can we/ should we add similar hidden bonuses to the library? Does it make a difference if you get told about it rather than finding it for yourself?↑↑↓↓←→←→B A

My personal favourite is the Developer’s room in Final Fantasy IV- you walk through a wall and run into sprites representing the game developers- many of whom tell you how badly they are in need of sleep. I didn’t discover this one without help, but I still enjoyed seeing it.

As for a library Easter Egg, I like the idea of a set of AR images such as maybe Grumbold§ holding up a sign saying “visit the Rylands” somewhere on Blue Ground or a parade of cartoon books down the middle of Blue 3.

[1] I overheard some students refer to the “secret café in the Library”- I was reminded of the “secret bunker” signposts you see photos of sometimes, as both are too signposted to truly be secret.


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