Meet me on the Corner!


I’ve been thinking about the amount of time we spend in meetings and how we could find some innovative ways of both improving our experience of meetings, as well as making them potentially more productive.

Some members of this group may remember a day last summer when we spontaneously decided to have our meeting outside in the sunshine and tree shade (partly because we were gathered outside for a photograph) but it did get me thinking…why we don’t have more meetings outdoors (weather permitting). If information needs to be presented electronically we have numerous ways of bringing portable technology outdoors with us. Being in a different environment to the one we spend most of our time in (which is for most of us, indoors, in front of a computer) immediately puts us in a different frame of mind, potentially the right frame of mind to innovate and look for creative solutions.

Likewise, with smaller meetings of two or three people perhaps we could occasionally employ the” walking meeting” as recently documented in The Guardian and other places

There are many obvious benefits, including health ones, and in terms of innovation, changing the scene  helps change and challenge old ways of thinking.  It even frees up space in the library and keeps us more in touch with our local communities.

It certainly feels like a good idea to me!


3 thoughts on “Meet me on the Corner!

  1. Sounds interesting for the meetings but I really wouldn’t want to be minuting on a walking meeting- and I’m not sure how good a quality recording you’d get while moving. But it does sound good for smaller meetings, especially if they don’t need lots of notes taken.

  2. I think the walking meetings are best suited to one to ones – or possibly three people where the emphasis is on freeing the mind and brainstorming more than a formal agenda and I guess you can record the ideas (I take your point about the quality of the recording) but can always stop to jot down ideas briefly and elaborate later. Thanks for your feedback, Ruth!

  3. I would give it a go. If I need to problem-solve or think something through I go for a walk. Anecdotal evidence suggests that movement such as jogging or running helps to clear the mind of clutter, this can result in innovative thought patterns or Eureaka moments.

    I think the added health benefits make walking meetings an attractive proposition.

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