Could this be the next phase of our “Book a Space” Facility?

It’s great to see Jade Brodie’s winning Eureka idea become a reality in the Main Library.

I was interested to discover a slightly similar but a little more complicated project that’s been implemented in Harvard University using an online booking system called Inscripto. The system works using a functionality similar to booking a seat on an aeroplane, choosing a study carrel based on a map of locations throughout the library space. They can choose spaces based on other relevant data such as proximity to their research area by positioning themselves close to particular call numbers.  The software also allows users who may share the space, to communicate with each other to negotiate usage and even to charge loanable items to the study space so they can be easily at hand.

I think the real beauty of this facility is the visibility of the different locations in map form as  currently when rooms are booked there is little information on where they are positioned within various buildings. Selecting rooms and even individual study spaces on a location map could be really useful in terms of navigating buildings and alerting people to spaces they may not even know existed.

You can read more about the project.


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