BBC Visit – An inspiring afternoon for the Innovation Group


We were lucky enough yesterday to tour the new BBC Media City base. The purpose of the visit was to assess the organisation’s use of new technologies and to spotlight how the BBC’s focus on innovation has transformed the working environment for staff and visitors alike.

One of the highlights of the trip was a visit to the “Blue Room”. Staff here are keen to demonstrate a range of new consumer technology trends, all with the intention of bringing them to the attention of the BBC’s editorial, technical and management teams. Of special interest was the new Lytro photography software platform, which upgrades the way image-takers are able to edit and compose their shots in both pre and post production. Equally exciting was the revolutionary Actioncam360. This is a camera which allows (via its 360 degree mirror and lens system) filmmakers to easily capture 360 degree video footage.

In addition to the new technology on show there was ample opportunity to explore the extensive variety of meeting rooms and breakout spaces available to BBC staff. These have radically changed the way they are now able to engage with colleagues.

Of course no trip to this new TV base would have been complete without a visit to the BBC Breakfast Studio and we were pleased to be offered a cup of coffee and a chance to make ourselves comfy on the famous red sofa.

Many thanks to all involved in organising the visit and to the BBC themselves for such a warm welcome.


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