Innovation Group Summer Brain Storm

What’s your beef? This along with lots of other challenging questions were asked and answered at the Innovation Group’s Summer showcase and brainstorm drop in event held last week in the Main Library. The purpose of the event was to raise awareness of the Innovation Group and some of its projects, and to encourage all library staff to put forward ideas to improve Library services.

Staff from across the Library attended the event, which included three brainstorming workshops facilitated by Ros Bell, as well as the opportunity to visit the dedicated innovation project rooms which spotlighted the achievements and successes of the group to date. We highlighted some of the future campaigns we’ll be focusing on and got some useful feedback and suggestions too.


People shared their ideas with us generously and there were lots of positive ‘Quick Win’ suggestions, as well as more long term projects proposals. The main themes being wayfinding within the Library, and getting to know our fellow colleagues whether it be cross-team working or more socialising with the Library as a whole.

A touch of wellness and serenity came in the form of the popular Bowen therapy room, where trained therapist and staff member Mary O’Meara provided relaxing massage to a stream of willing and very chilled-out staff, demonstrating in the process why this part of the WellBeing Campaign was so popular with anxious students during exam-time. Michelle Sharples also shared why the campaign itself made such an impact across campus.

Nick Campbell traced the evolution of the Eureka! Story and demonstrated some of the Eureka! ideas we have put into practice, whilst Ciaran Talbot offered visitors the chance to sign-up for the Library’s brand new “Booked-In” software.

We also showcased our proposed way of moving ideas along in a more transparent and democratic way, with our ‘Kill The Suggestions Box’ concept, which provides a way for people to submit ideas, gain support from colleagues and have well supported ideas heard by Leadership Team.

Coffee, tea and copious cakes were enjoyed by all and we’d like to take this chance to thank all fellow innovators for attending what proved to be a very creative and inspiring afternoon.


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