Librarygame: Your starter for 10

The Librarygame project is heading towards the first major milestone, with the pilot phase due to launch on Monday 27th January.

Just to recap, Librarygame is a product which adds elements of gamification to your library behaviour. If you check into the library, you’ll get some points. Pull an all-nighter, you might get a badge you can share with peers on Facebook. Take out your 50th book and you might leap to the top of the leader board. But there’s more to it than points and badges. In the student focus groups we found it was the ability to share that really appealed. For you to see and discover which resources your peers were using and recommending yours to others.


Why are we implementing Librarygame? As per our strategy, we’re seeking innovative ways to engage and captivate our customers. In a fast moving world of smartphones and Like’ing this is a great opportunity to try something radically different. The Eureka! project highlighted just how much more the students felt we could be doing to embrace these ideas.

Over the past 6 months we have run several student focus groups to help us steer the development of the product towards something the students will engage with. We’ve also been working with colleagues at the University of Glasgow, with whom we’re jointly running the project. The next step is to pilot Librarygame with a group of users.

We’ll be recruiting students to use Librarygame over Semester 2, with the aim of fixing, refining, improving and measuring the various aspects for a full launch in September 2014.

So, at the moment there is a lot of work going on by Marketing and Communications (doing the Marketing and Communications), Ian from the Digital Systems Team (creating the behind-the-scenes integrations), the development company Running In The Halls (creating the product, when they’re not busy breaking world records) and everyone else on the Project Board (doing everything that is left!).

One final point; the students didn’t find the name ‘Librarygame’ appealing at all. So, we’ll be marketing it under a different name entirely…


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